Welcome to Esslinger Foods

Welcome to Esslinger Foods Ltd. – the only 100% Canadian-owned national foodservice provider.

We specialize in supplying the highest-quality, most innovative ingredients to chefs across Canada, and we are able to answer the needs of all sectors of the industry.

Selling only through our own agents, we deliver our exclusive products directly to our customers from coast to coast via next-day courier free of charge from our facilities in Burlington, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta.

We do not use monosodium glutamate (MSG) as an ingredient, nor do we use peanut or other nut oils. Our recipes are lower in salt and fat than competing products, and all of them are freeze-thaw stable and extended steam table tested.

Please take a moment to glance through our product overview page, and you will discover why Esslinger Foods is:

The  Choice  Of  Professional  Chefs